Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Improve Your Phone’s Performance

There are a lot of tips spread in the internet on how to boost your phone’s speed or performance and most of them advised you to download some application on your phone app to get the best of your phone. Well, what I’m gonna tell you are not the same. Simply because those apps does not really work. You don’t have to download additional apps for your phone to boost its speed. I have 5 brilliant tips for you. Let’s start!

1. Check or verify your phone specs or features.

The first time you bought the phone, have you check its specs and features? You can find it either on settings of the phone, manual or search it in the internet. Make sure you have the right phone make and model. Checking the specs is very important because it tells you what is the capacity of your phone. What you should be keen about is the RAM or internal memory, CPU and battery specs of the phone. To make it simple, the higher the numbers you see for these 3 specs, the better. You can check TIPS FOR BUYING A SMARTPHONE to get more explanation.

2. Always make sure you are within your phone limits

If the internal memory of your phone and CPU is low, you should limit getting files on your device like downloaded apps, photos, music, etc even if you say you have an SD Card as back up. If you have read TIPS FOR BUYING A SMARTPHONE, you’ll understand why. Always check your remaining MB or GB for your internal memory thru your phone settings.

3. Don’t leave your phone on a 20% battery level

Don’t wait until your phone get’s shut off before you charge it. It is advisable to plug your device on a charger on its 15%-20% level. It lengthens its battery life and increases your phone’s performance.

4. Don’t download too much free apps or files

Downloading free apps and other files like torrent caused your phone to get malware. What is common for smartphones are adware and spyware. It’s malicious software that gets info from your phone and uses it to send advertisement based on your phone activities. Because of technology, these malware somehow track your surfing pattern. For example, you have a free app on your phone. Then later, you search on Google something like “How to Improve Your Phone’s Performance” then in the middle of accessing the app or browsing the web, you’ll get a pop up ad that is related to what you need or search. This slows down your phone thru interrupting your surfing activity and consuming your phone ‘s internal memory.


5. Clear or free some of your phone’s RAM

Always close running apps on your phone. You will also need to clear your browser’s history at least twice a week. Uninstall some apps that you seldom use. Delete files that is unnecessary or have those backed up on your pc or laptop (e.g. music, photos). These will free your phone’s internal memory thus boosting its performance.




What to Check When Buying a Smartphone

To maximize the features of your phone is to first check what it has. When buying a smartphone my first tip is not be overly excited. You may be trapped from the phone's advertisement, phone's physical appearance and/or trapped from the sales representative's flowery words and ends to nothing but a useless phone. Here are the things you need check to have the best phone that fits your needs.

RAM - Random Access Memory, for a simple definition, is your phone's internal memory where the operating system and running applications's data are stored. The time you open up your browser, it uses your RAM. So the more running apps you have on your phone, the more RAM it consume thus slowing down your phone's performance. The least suggested RAM nowadays is 1GB. If your phone has lower than that, don't expect too much even if you have 32GB SD card.

CPU - this measures how fast your phone will process your request. Opening up a browser sends data to your phone's CPU to process your need to pull up a browser. It acts like a human brain. If you have Dual Core, Quad Core (1.2 GHz) or higher, the better.

Battery life - 2000 to 2500 mAh is the maximum battery life that you can get in the market today. If the phone you want meets these numbers, the better.

Other specs you need to check are when buying a smartphone:

OS - the latest the software the better so you can get more of updated services or app your phone has to offer.

Camera - 5MP rear camera will do, but latest phone models must has now 8MP and above. Make sure it has flash as well and don't forget to take pictures in dim light to verify its quality.

WLAN - this is your phone's capacity to get WiFi signal. Suggested spec is 802.11 b/g/n

SD Card - In case of emergency, it is much better to have a back up storage. So make sure your phone has extendable memory or SD card slot.

You can still check other features depending on your preference. For example, if you are a gamer, you may need to check the quality of the phone's display aside from the above specs.

Buying a smartphone is so easy but to choose one is not. So be keen and careful. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment. Good luck guys!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Can't Sign In to Email Account: Invalid/Incorrect Password Error

If you were trying to access or sign in using your Google account, Microsoft account, Apple ID or Yahoo! account but having troubles logging in because it says incorrect or invalid password, there are 2 easy steps you may try to resolve the issue.

1. Make sure you have typed in your password correctly. You may type your password first to your notepad then copy and paste it to the password field.

2. If you still can't sign in cause it still says invalid or incorrect password, you may now go ahead and reset your password.

  • Google account, visit this LINK to reset your password.

Once you reach the link where you can reset your password, you just simply need to read (with understanding) and follow the onscreen instructions. Then they will send you a security code (or sometimes email you a link to change your password) via call or text to a phone number or alternate email address you have provided when you first set up the account so please make sure you still have that phone number with you and you still have access to the alternate email.

If your password has been successfully reset, you can now create a new password that you can easily remember but is hard to guess by other people. And you may also want to log on to your account every now and then like 3 times a week so you will not easily forgot your password and have troubles signing in again.

Good luck!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Invalid Sim Error for Windows Phones

As a Technical Support, "missing sim" or "invalid sim" error for Windows phone is often an issue customers are calling about. They just bought the phone, the device is new as well as the sim card but when they have already activated the phone, insert the sim card and have the phone turn on, they will have an error missing sim or invalid sim then emergency calls only. First, if you will have this kind of error to any type of phones it means that the device does not recognize the sim card. Reasons for that are the following:

-sim is not inserted or positioned properly inside the phone or into the sim case or slot
-sim is broke or damaged
-phone or sim slot is broke or damage

But for Windows phones like for example the Nokia 520 or other windows phones, this is already a common or known issuen even if the device and sim is brand new. So what you will need to do to fix invalid or missing sim error? Here are your options:

1. Wipe the sim card with a clean dry cloth. Make sure there are no foreign particles or dirt on the sim's gold contact.  

2. Make sure that you inserted the sim card properly inside the phone. Gently push it into the sim slot - gold contact facing down and touching the metal contact of the phone.

3. If doing the above steps does not resolve the issue, you may also try to insert the sim card into a different phone model, like Samsung or iPhone that requires a micro sim. If it reads the sim card, reinsert it back to your Windows phone.

4. If none of these work, sim replacement is our last option. Follow the steps above and check if it would still say "invalid sim" or "missing sim" which I do hope will not.

I would not say that this is an issue with your service provider's system or your phone's software but rather a device issue, how it was built. So, just try your luck and follow the above steps. If you have other questions, feel free to comment. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

3 Simple Ways To Save Mobile Data Usage

Have you ever experience waking up one day, access your internet but you're not able to because you ran out of data on your plan? I'm sure you do! Well, we're gonna provide you three simple and clever ways on how to keep track of your mobile data usage and save it!

To have an internet access is now a necessity for mobile phones. You can get online updates (eg. Facebook, weather, news, etc) watch videos, stream music, play games, download apps, do a research for your homework and more. But what will you do if your service provider does not offer unlimited data or internet? How will you keep track of your usage and avoid paying more to get extra data.

1. Use WiFi

As much as possible, if you are on a hotspot (eg. at home, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc) use WiFi connection to go online. When using WiFi, you need to ALWAYS make sure that your mobile or cellular data on your mobile phone settings is turned OFF cause it is useless if you are connected to WiFi but your data is on at the same time. A lot of people does not know that when you have data turned on even if using WiFi it would still increase your data usage therefore leaving you 0 gigabyte left on your plan.

2. Restrict software or application updates

Most of the time, the applications that you have on your phone will only update if you are connected to WiFi. But, there are still no guarantee that ALL of your apps are not using your data for the update. To stop this from happening, you just simply need to turn OFF your mobile or cellular data on your mobile phone settings so it will not be consumed whenever you do not use your phone or access internet.

3. Always monitor your data usage

For sure, your service provider gives you an option or a way to check and keep track of your data usage. Either they send you alerts or text notification about your data balance or you log in to their website for you to manage your account and check it. Knowing your data usage is the best way to pay less and get more. You may also use this DATA CALCULATOR to have an estimate of your data usage.

Upon monitoring your usage and you think you exceeds to the current data plan that you have, you may consider having an upgrade which is more cost effective rather that adding more or extra data. You may also need to limit yourself to download apps or stream videos if you notice that you almost exceed your data limit.

So just follow these 3 clever ways to save mobile data usage and you can definitely do more and enjoy more on your cellphones! If you have any questions, you are free to leave comment. Good luck!